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Where does Starboard's data come from?
Where does Starboard's data come from?
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Starboard's data sources

Starboard is data agnostic and integrates several data sources to provide a comprehensive, real-time maritime domain awareness platform.

Vessel identification

Combining vessel information, identification, and real-time behaviours uncovers insights about vessels and the fleets they operate in.

However, maritime identification data (including IMO numbers, MMSI numbers, names, and call signs) can be challenging to work with as not all all vessels have clear identifiers and not all data sources capture these identifiers accurately or consistently. Adding to this it is not uncommon for some of these identifiers to change, for example when a vessel changes their flag state both their MMSI and callsign will also change.

To help with understanding which identifiers are being used in Starboard the vessel report includes details from all available sources and indicates the chosen data to be displayed throughout Starboard.

Analysis and algorithms

Starboard's algorithms and automated analysis combine our data sources and generate new insights providing a comprehensive view of vessel behaviours and information.

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