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Customising your analysis view with filters and layers
Customising your analysis view with filters and layers
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You can set your view of Starboard up based on the analysis you are doing. Each time you return to Starboard the view you were previously analysing will be displayed.

Tip: Once you have set up your analysis you can copy the web link (URLs) to return to it later or share it with others in the team. Learn more: Sharing your analysis with other Starboard users.

Time filter

You can set your time filter to the following options; 2 hours, Today, 2 days, or 7 days. Or you can use the time picker to select a custom date range.

The 2 hours filter auto updates to keep your screen up to date with the closest data to real-time as possible. When using all the other time filters Starboard will let you know when new data is available.

The 2 hours filter can be useful in busy areas to speed up analysis and for control rooms or live operations.

Tip: When using the 2 hours filter the time slider displays any delay in data processing.

Vessel and map layers

You can update vessel layers on the map to remove vessel names, vessel tracks, event icons or to display buoys and AIS data points.

Other map layers include oceanographic layers, alternative basemap styles, and the ability to highlight boundaries for ports and areas of interest.

Turning on AIS data points allows you to view the source of the AIS data, other details about the data point, and to copy the details.

Analysis type filter

The analysis type filter provides extra detail for fisheries and biosecurity analysis.

Learn more: Setting up preferences and using filters

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