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Setting up your Starboard preferences
Setting up your Starboard preferences
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You can set up your user preferences in Starboard, these preferences apply just to your account and not your whole organisation. Preferences stick around even when you make other changes to your filters and view, but they are also easy to change so can be flexible based on your analysis.

Measurement unit preferences

You can change your distance, speed, and location units anytime you are using the measurement tool or under your account settings.

Once you make this change, your preferences will be used anywhere a measurement is shown, including when you are downloading data.


The areas filter is an important tool for understanding your area of interest and you can customise your view of areas so that those which are important to your analysis are readily available.

All EEZs are available to add to your account and if you filter by a new EEZ this will automatically be pinned under your area filter.

By default your organisation will have areas setup and you can unpin these if they are not relevant for your own analysis.


You can set the timezone for your account and it is quick to change, under the time filter, when you need to collaborate with others in different timezones.

Manage the visibility of organisation tags

If your organisation uses tags extensively you might want to customise which ones are visible to you from the noteworthy vessel panel or under manage tags.

Manage the visibility of global tags

By default, global tags are not shown in your account but you can make them visible under manage tags.

Creating alerts

You can create alerts for all vessels entering or exiting your area of interest.

When you have a vessel selected, you can create alerts for vessels of interest entering or exiting your area of interest.

Tip: Alerts are added to a vessel's history and can be useful for future analysis. If you want to include these events for vessels, but you would prefer not to receive email alert notifications, you can unsubscribe under manage notification preferences and alerts.

Subscribing to alerts

You can view and subscribe to the alerts already set up in your organisation under manage notification preferences and alerts.

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