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Creating your vessels of interest list using a .csv or by selecting vessels
Creating your vessels of interest list using a .csv or by selecting vessels
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Creating your list of vessels to be tagged can be done in bulk by either:

  • Using a .csv file to import your list of vessels,

  • Searching for vessels and then adding them to your selected vessel list, or 

  • Selecting vessels on the map.

Once a tag has been created additional vessels can be added to the list at any time by tagging them.

Using your own vessel lists in .csv for tagging vessels

You can drag and drop .csv files onto the map to select all the vessels in that file and tag them.

The .csv file should have just one column containing the vessel MMSI numbers. Vessels can have duplicate MMSI numbers but we can only link to one vessel for tagging and it could match the incorrect vessel.

Your .csv file does not need to have a header column, though you can if you wish. Any MMSI numbers that are not matched will be ignored and any incorrect data will be ignored.

Sample file

Outcome for field


Optional a header is not required


MMSI that will be matched


An identifier that will be ignored


MMSI that will be matched

If you do not wish to immediately tag the vessels in your .csv you can select cancel on the add/remove tags popup and the vessels will still be selected ready for further analysis. There is a maximum of 1,000 vessels that can be tagged and 600 vessels that can be selected.

Using search to add vessels to a list

When you are searching for vessels you can choose Add to selected vessels to create a list of vessels you are interested in.

You can save this analysis by tagging these vessels in bulk or copying the URL to share with others.

Selecting vessels on the map

You can use shortcut keys to select vessels on the map, ready for tagging. For example, holding the shift key whilst using your cursor to draw and drag a rectangle on the screen.

Selecting or tagging from the vessel list

You can select or tag vessels from the vessel list. This can be useful once you have applied filters and completed your analysis to create a list of vessels of interest.

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