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Organising vessels with tags and notes for vessel assessments, inspections, and surveillance planning
Organising vessels with tags and notes for vessel assessments, inspections, and surveillance planning
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Adding tags and notes to vessels can help processes like vessel assessments, inspection, and surveillance planning.

When vessels are tagged, the tag is added to the vessel history at the current time and location of the vessel. The user who assigned the tag is also noted for traceability.

Notes can be added to tags on vessels to add further information about vessels or the reason a vessel is being tagged. Anyone in the organisation can add subsequent notes to tags on vessels for further dialogue or collaboration.

Tip: Web links (URLs) can be added to notes. This enables users to record key events in a vessel’s past, and quickly reference it again in future. Learn more: Sharing your analysis with other Starboard users.

Adding tags to vessels in your analysis

Tags are flexible and can be set up and used in different ways to suit your organisation. In this example, analysis of vessels in the Tasman Sea reveals 21 longlining fishing vessels in the area. These can be selected and tagged for further investigation. All tags are available to all users in your account and notes can be added at the same time as tagging to share more information.

After assessing these tagged vessels, those that may be good candidates for surveillance or even inspection can be tagged accordingly.

Tip: Tags can be used to set alerts for vessels of interest entering your area of interest. Try it out: Visit your Starboard settings and create an alert for tagged vessels.

To provide more information, additional notes can be added at any time to a vessel with a tag and these notes will be visible in the vessel’s track history.

Removing tags and notes from vessels

Following assessment, tags can be removed from the vessels to show they no longer need investigation and a note can be added to provide more information on why tags have been removed for these vessels. To add further information or correct an error, notes can also be edited or removed for a tag on a vessel.

Finding tagged vessels

Tagged vessels can be retrieved as a selected vessel list or, if understanding which tagged vessels are currently in an area of interest is important, they can be included in an advanced filter.

Vessel history of tags and notes

Vessel tags and notes are recorded in a vessel’s history at the time and place it was tagged or the note was added and include information on the user that tagged the vessel or added the note. This provides an audit history for the steps a vessel may have gone through when being assessed for inspection or surveillance.

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