How it works: Starboard user permissions
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Manager and member roles are for groups only and anyone can be a manager if they create a group. Admin roles are only for an organisation and only these roles can add new users to an organisation.

Admin roles have more control over what information can be shared from your organisation’s account, so it is likely you won’t have many admin users.

Organisation roles: admin and non-admin




Invite/remove users, edit permissions of users in the organisation

Create/manage alerts and tags in the organisation

Leave organisation

Edit organisation name

View all users in the organisation

View login history of users in organisation

Create group

View a list of all groups in the organisation

Unarchive group

Group roles: Manager and member




Invite/remove members, edit permissions of members in the group

Create/manage alerts and tags in the group

Leave group

View all members in the group

View login history of members in group

Archive group

Edit group name, description, linked areas

Finding your user permission settings

You can find out more about your organisation’s admins, groups, and user permission under settings.

Learn more about restricting and sharing analysis with groups:

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