How are likely transshipments defined?
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Likely transshipment events are a type of vessel encounter that meet additional criteria for the type of vessel and length of encounter.

A likely transshipment means a fishing vessel and a fish carrier have had an encounter that is a minimum of 1 hour to maximum of 6 days.

Likely and inferred transshipments in Starboard represent potential catch transfer between fishing vessels to fish carriers.

Both likely and inferred transshipments are shown as a dark red segment on the vessel track. The likely transshipment icons includes two solid arrows in the event icon.

Encounters that are shorter than 1 hour are very unlikely to be transshipments because there is not enough time to safely attach vessels, transfer catch, and potentially other supplies. As a rule of thumb, the longer the transshipment, the higher likelihood that catch has actually been transferred between vessels.

Starboard also captures the full extent of the transshipment activity by merging successive encounters in quick succession. Crews can have breaks at night time or during bad weather windows, during which vessels detach from each other. Therefore, if the gap between two successive encounters is less than 12 hours, Starboard will consider this as a single likely transshipment event.

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