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Basemap information and viewing boundaries on the basemap
Basemap information and viewing boundaries on the basemap
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The basemap includes boundaries for all nations:

  • 12nm (territorial sea)

  • 24nm (contiguous zone)

  • Exclusive economic zone (EEZ)

A nations boundaries are shown as boundary lines on the map.

The basemap includes additional boundaries for some nations:

  • Internal waters

  • Archipelagic waters

These will appear as a fourth boundary line on the map, it will be the line closest to the coast.

The basemap includes the New Zealand Fisheries Management Areas (FMA):

These boundary lines divide the New Zealand EEZ into 9 Fisheries Management Areas.

The basemap includes selected marine park areas (MPAs):

  • All MPAs for New Zealand

  • The Great Barrier Marine Park in Australia

  • The Galápagos Marine Reserve

Additional MPAs are added on request. MPAs are shown as shaded areas on the map.

The basemap includes the global distribution of seamounts:

Over 30,000 seamounts are identified using bathymetric data at 30 arc-second (1km) resolution.

When selected, area filters are shown on the basemap:

Custom areas can be set up as filters for analysis of activity. This filtering allows for additional analysis, such as viewing vessels that have entered the area from a foreign port. These areas may be your EEZ, MPA, or other areas of interest or jurisdiction. Contact us if you'd like a new area added.

When an area filter is selected it is shown as transparent white.

When selected, areas of interest are displayed on the basemap:

To help with analysis across multiple areas of interest these can be selected as extra layers to show on the basemap.

On occasion, vessel data is paused from loading:

This occurs in areas where there are many vessels, like a port. We do this to make loading the overall map faster.

This is signified by a grey hexagon with a download arrow. To see vessels in this area, click on the hexagon and vessel information will load.

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