You can view vessel history and vessel tracks back to May 2020 in and around the area of interest or marine protected area (MPA) to look for incursions or other non-compliant activity.

To focus on vessels of interest you can select the vessel tracks and hide all other vessels.

To confirm the vessel’s exact location in your MPA you can turn on AIS data points and hover over the points of interest. Clicking the point of interest will automatically copy these coordinates to your clipboard.

Try it out: See two vessels and their AIS data points at the times they entered a Preservation Zone (no go) of the Great Barrier Reef.

You won't see the outline of the MPA on your screen because a .geojson was added to the map for temporary analysis.

For areas of interest where you might want permanent monitoring and even geofenced alerts, the team at Starboard can set these up in your Starboard account.

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