You can add multiple vessels to your selected vessel list either when you are searching for them or by selecting them on the map.

Try it out: See a fleet of 8 vessels selected for tracking near Fiji.

Vessels can be tagged and tags are available to all users in your organisation.

Vessel tags can also be useful for planning inspection and surveillance activities.

Learn more: Organising vessels with tags for vessel assessments, inspections, and surveillance planning

Sharing analysis

Any view in Starboard, whether it’s your carefully filtered map, vessel lists, or vessel reports, is referenced in the URL (web address) via URL parameters (query strings). That is, as you make changes during your analysis, the URL changes adding or updating the parameters of the URL.

Sharing this unique URL with another Starboard user means they will see what you're seeing.

Vessel tags are currently only available to users in your organisation.

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